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UX - It's The Small Things

I moved to New York from India in September 2012 and after hurricane Sandy, I was hired at a corporate office in Plainview, Long Island. I worked there for 3 years, did photography on the side and saved up some money. 

I quit in September 2015 and learned User Experience Design from General Assembly, NYC. The saved up money from Photography would serve as the role I can hang on until I land on a stable branch - a Junior Level UX Designer job. 

I don't know happened, really. Maybe I will figure it out later and when I do, I will definitely blog about it but I couldn't find a position in UX and I almost ran out of my savings. 

Freaking out, I approached my old employer again and, since I had left on really good terms, I joined them back. Nowadays, the company has started initiating these group activities to make employees from different departments mingle together so that it reflects positively in their work.

I really appreciate them doing this. The posted the below in the cafeteria. 

Not trying to shit on anyone. They did an amazing job. If anything, I think I might be being a little OCD. 

Not trying to shit on anyone. They did an amazing job. If anything, I think I might be being a little OCD. 



Now, I am not trying to make this into a big deal or anything but the UX designer in me couldn't help but observe people's reactions to this. 

The first section was the main intro but then right below it was the calendar and then the paper which had all the team names and respective employees in it. 

When I saw the whole thing, I was like, "Sweet! Which team am I in?". Then I looked at the calendar, got a bit confused and then saw the paper below it and then saw the calendar again to see when the team lunch was scheduled. 

I ignored this for a while, saying to myself, "You're observing things too much. It's only you!" But, I was wrong. When I was having my lunch in the cafeteria, I noticed 5 people looked at the same thing and the first question they asked was, "Which team am I in?". 

I thinking shifting the team paper above the calendar would solve this issue and I would term it under Information Architecture. I know, I know! It's not a big deal but I love learning new things and this is the last place I expected to learn - that's pretty cool to me :)

Darvinder Kochhar