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Summer fun (2015)

I have a friend who once wrote an essay about his dog. The title was, "I have a dog, his name is Doggy."

Alright, back to the blog:

I was just back from India after my sister's wedding. Oh I went crazy with the food. Xavier had scouted out the perfect restaurants and awesome foods for me while I was away and he was kind enough to take me to each one of them. Yes, I have awesome friends :)

Once back in NY, things felt pretty slow. It was summer and I felt like just going out and having fun. Also, there's a level of peace and calm one feels after one has put in the time to figure his/her nutrition out and then they can take breaks from the routine whenever they want, without guilt - because they can always go back. 

Anyway, I wanted to have fun, so I did. 

I heard the ice-cream truck pull in to my street and I treated myself a banana sundae. I was roaming around the area and saw that we had a summer fair going on in the parking lot of Broadway Mall. 


I honestly didn't know I will be blogging about this, ever, but I was looking for ideas and while going through my backup pictures, I found these.

Also, this ride was so much fun! 

PS the beard might make a comeback ;)

Darvinder Kochhar