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Old Website: HTML5 & CSS3 Fun

I had just stepped out of the US Consulate in Mumbai after giving my immigration interview which was life-changing since now I had the opportunity to go the New York like I always dreamt of. 

But what will I do when I get there. Yes, I have the opportunity but my resume doesn't look so good. Wait, I have a skill - photography. I have been creating decent work since quite some time. Let me make a website to show my photography skills and see where it might take me.

I desperately wanted to make a really good website within 2 weeks but I couldn't hire a web designer/developer to make me one. I am a resourceful guy so I started downloading HTML & CSS tutorials and sketching rough wireframes to see what it could look like. 

Logo, man! You need a good, professional and sexy logo.

Ah, well! I downloaded logo design tutorials as well. I was just trying to impress myself so it made me less nervous about taking a stab at it and to be honest, I'm pretty happy with what I came up with my mediocre sketching skills and Adobe Illustrator. 

This is what I did for the next 2 weeks. Eat > Sleep > Web Design > Repeat and I was able to make the below website. The site isn't responsive but it was great to learn HTML5 and CSS3 (especially the animations - try hovering over the images. I spent 6 hours to get that effect).

Click on the image to see the working version of it.