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Fitness Meets UX (a small start)

I have lost 103 lbs over the past 2.5 years. It was a humbling and a fun learning experience. Man people have seen this first hand and have reached out to me over the past 8 months asking for guidance and requesting me to coach them. 

As flattering as it may sound, it really isn't. Most people wanted to learn "my secret", the hack, the one food they need to avoid to get rid of their belly.

***: Bro, you look amazing, man! 
Me: Thanks, bud! 
***: So what do I need to eat to get a six-pack like you?
Me: Umm... you're asking the wrong question to the wrong person, bud. 

I will be writing a detailed blog post about my journey in a few months but one of the main things I was tested for, throughout my journey was how serious I am and how badly I wanted it. Every plateau was a humbling reminder and feedback about what I was doing wrong and I am grateful to each and every one of them. 

I am a serious person and I want to work with serious people. One such serious friend recently reached out to me and while it would be really arrogant of me to think I'm some sort of an expert, he reached out to me because he saw it first hand and trusts me. This makes him believe he can do it and I am sure he can. 

I wrote the below form to get a better idea of how serious he was and what his problems were. This is where my UX skills came into play and I used Google Forms to make the questionnaire. If you're serious, please hire my mentor - Andy Morgan

I am not sure whether I will start coaching people but I am sure I will share my story through the blog post. 

The below questionnaire was a fun exercise and I understand my friend's needs better. That's all it is for now :)

Darvinder Kochhar