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Video Project: Ramit's Brain Trust 10 Year Anniversary

Sometimes opportunities come unexpectedly. I was super excited to attend this 10 year anniversary RBT event which was hosted by my friend Chizzy. This event was a big deal! It was simultaneously being hosted all across the world and Ramit was going to join us on this one. 

I arrived at Pranna NYC a little early with my camera - Canon 60D + 50mm 1.8 with me. This basic setup had helped me a lot in the past to create good work and I had delved into various video projects in India which I will focus more on in other blog posts. I was all set. While my friend Katya was going to take pictures, I figured I could take some too and contribute. 

I met Chizzy as soon as I entered and she asked me whether I can do video. I was super nervous since I didn't have enough equipment with me but luckily, I had my tripod. I did a few video test runs and with the low light, I realized I'd get a super grainy video. I didn't have any other option so I decided to shoot the video anyway but there was one major problem - the audio was terrible! 

I always have a hard time hearing people in a busy bar. The audio was really not working out. I quickly checked whether BnH or Adorama were open. Luckily, Adorama was a few blocks away so I told Chizzy that I'll be back in some time. I stepped out of the lounge and made a sprint towards the store. I was able to get this really decent mic which I wasn't sure how it worked and whether it will work for sure on my camera but taking the salesperson's word, I made a sprint back to Pranna. 

Long story short, I figured it out and got some really decent footage with decent audio. I edited the video with Chizzy's guidance and we shipped it within 3 days. 


I'm super proud of the fact that we managed to do it and I was able to figure this out on the spot. 

Photo courtesy: Katya Nicholas

I am the one in the far left with the turban :)