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Thoughts, ideas and current projects :)

My thoughts and the projects I am currently working on :)

Plans, they never go exactly how we imagine, do they?

This habit of daily blogging is fun and I am going through the old files on my main PC to look for content that I might find interesting to share. This exercise has definitely helped me realize that I haven't been just doing nothing. Yes, things haven't been working out like the way they should but some things have and I am super grateful for those!

Look at this image. I drew this out on May 05 2013 (a few months before I started my fitness journey) and I didn't realize that I wasn't that bad at sketching stuff on the computer using a pen tablet.

When it comes to my photography career, yes things kind of worked out in that direction and now I am the lead photographer for Ajit Singh Photography, I have much better equipment and as far as the future holds for photography, I am happy about it.

Other stuff, though, is taking a lot more work. I don't want to do an MBA anymore but I definitely have learned a lot and gained a lot more knowledge. I have been meditating and have been super productive compared to what and who I was when I first drew this mindmap.

Now, let's talk fitness.  Oh, I was so naive! All the challenges I mentioned were legit and my fitness journey did start at fixing my sleep apnea problem. I needed a plan of action and slowly but surely, at every point, I came up with one and kept trying even if I faced failure after failure. I am going to write a mega blog post about it soon but suffice it to say, that, I didn't do racket balling, mountain biking, swimming or running to lose all that weight. 

With that said, I am super grateful for where I am in life, what I have done, what I have achieved so far and who I have become.

Darvinder Kochhar