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My thoughts and the projects I am currently working on :)

Audio Editing Project for Kim

My awesome friend Kim posted in the mastermind group we both are a part of that she needed someone to edit an audio file for her and export it into separate audio files. 

I love Kim! She's awesome and I look up to her a lot. As soon as I saw this post, I was the first one to reply and message her that I would love to do this for her. 

I picked up this skill while doing various video projects in India where the audio was too noisy or unclear. Although it was 5 years ago, I was sure that I can refresh my memory and do this simple project for her. 

I love the fact that she gave clear instructions of what exactly she needed and at what points she needed me to edit the file out. She also provided me the backstory for this which was awesome and inspiring. 

It actually worked like magic because as soon as I downloaded and installed the trial version of Adobe Audition, it popped up with the tutorial for reducing noise which was the exact thing I needed for this project. This helped me get rid of most of the noise while still keeping the sound of chirping birds in the background. 

Before image of the audio. Notice the variance in the audio levels?


After image: I leveled out all of the audio for her, added fade in and fade out, removed the noise and cut the audio into the parts exactly like she specified. 

I am so glad Kim loved what I sent her. I would have edited this further until she would be happy, of course. 

Darvinder asked the right questions to understand what I really wanted and it was so easy working with him! He was quick with his responses and delivered what I needed in time. He was an expert at handling my project and I really appreciate that he was fully focused on what I wanted. I will definitely hire him again!
— Kim Nicol - Meditation Teacher and Mindfulness Workshop Leader

She sent over an Amazon Gift card. She totally didn't have to but she did and I really appreciate it :)

While I was doing this, I was listening to one of my favorite podcast - Sigma Nutrition and I noticed that Danny's voice in the start of the was loud and clear and as soon as the episode started, the voice went super low. I had to adjust the volume accordingly and wondered if other listeners faced the same issue. 

Danny is an amazing host of the best nutrition podcast in the industry. - Sigma Nutrition. He maintains a high level of standard for the content he puts out and just in case this was something that he might have missed since I was editing the audio for Kim anyway, I fixed the audio levels for his podcast too. 


He was really glad I caught it and I am grateful that I could help him as his podcast episodes have been life changing for me.

Darvinder Kochhar