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How the blogging started

I had the privilege of capturing Seth Godin's Tribal Gathering event in NYC and honestly I got the best seat in the house. I not only was doing what I loved (take pictures and provide value) but also learning from the best at the same time. What else could I ask for?

I was giddy with joy to have gotten this opportunity to work with Seth and his team and it made me realize how awesome it feels when you work with people who have an open mindset, are enrolled in the same thing as your are and follow the same set of values that you do. It was amazing. 

You can check out the pictures here: http://bit.ly/tribalgathering

When I left that night, I couldn't keep myself away from my computer and editing those pictures and deliver them in a time I never thought possible. I received the below huge book as a gift for being one of the volunteers and I am so grateful because when I went through it later, it was Seth's blog posts. 

The book is beautifully made and has been designed with care and perfection. I love it! 

But after I spent a few more days thinking about this, I noticed, something had changed. Something had shifted. I started to feel different, especially after the Ship It exercise we did at the event.  


I also stumbled across Seth's The last-minute, just-in-time, change-things gift solution: books blog post and I that's where I found Pamela Slim's Body Of Work.

Over the years, I have learned that I have to be very careful who I listen to and since Seth is amazing and I fully trust him, I took this recommendation seriously and I gifted myself this book. 

But there was something more to it because there were several books he recommended but why did I choose this one? I don't know, honestly. The book cover just made sense. There is a hand that is pulling the string together and making sense out of a huge mess. That's me. I could definitely use some help in that area so it made total sense to buy the book on Audible. 


Side note: I started listening to audio books after being inspired by Seth on Tim Ferris' podcast and have discovered that this format works best for me because I have never been much of a reader. 

Pamela Slim is AMAZING!  She mentioned ingredients in the book which basically are our different skills and the different things we've done in the past as small projects. I will write a detailed blog post about this later but at this point in time, this makes total sense.

I can share my projects in the form of short stories which will highlight not only what I have done in the past but my overall body of work and since I've been meaning to blog daily after listening to Seth Godin on Tim Ferris Show, I figured this could be a good new experiment to see how long I can do it for. 

Worst case, I will have a bunch of stories I can link to and ask for help to the people who are much smarter and wiser than me. 

These two, along with Gary Vaynerchuk giving advice to a 22 yr old man to start documenting and not creating, inspired me to start writing this daily blog. 

Document, don’t create.
— Gary Vaynerchuk
Darvinder Kochhar